iPhone 4

I’ve only had the new iPhone for a few days, but here’s my take…

Ridiculous. Words can’t do it justice. For apps that have updated, the text and artwork almost feels like a glossy sticker affixed on top of the screen rather than a digital display. It’s still freaking me out. That said, Steve’s claim that the display makes existing (non-updated) apps look “even better” is pretty dodgy. Apps that haven’t updated look upscaled and low-res (similar to how iPhone apps appear on the iPad). Until new versions start flowing in, I may relegate these apps to a dark folder of shame.

Massive update. The shutter speed is way improved, as is the general photo quality. Haven’t tried the flash yet, but excited that it’s included. The 720p video also looks fantastic, and a test video displayed beautifully on my HDTV.

Really solid. Feels like a late-60s throwback. Love the metal buttons.

Rumored Reception Issues:
Definitely real if I hold the phone in certain ways (without a case, since using a case makes it a non-issue). This hasn’t affected me much, as I apparently hold my phone like a lunatic, but it’s certainly not ideal. Rumors are flying that the issue may actually be fixable in firmware (something to do with “radio frequency calibration of the baseband”), but I guess we’ll find out soon.

If you have a 2G or 3G iPhone, upgrading is a no-brainer, as using the processors on both of those devices is like stabbing yourself in the face. If you have a 3GS but don’t take a lot of photos/videos, you could probably hang tight and be happy with the free iOS4 update. If you’re interested in replacing your point-and-shoot camera and/or Flip HD, iPhone 4 is for you. And that screen…