Many years ago, my buddy Dave was hardcore into pixel art and would send me all sorts of tiny creations. I asked him to make a few pieces that included people and elements from my life, and he happily obliged. I then enlarged the pixels (in some cases) and experimented with creating little stories, draggable pieces, animations and site goodies in Flash.

Given Flash’s recent infamy, these have been offline for probably close to a decade, but I thought I’d dig a few up and share with the class. Note that if you’re reading this on iOS, you’re out of luck (for obvious reasons). Also note that these are being presented entirely out of context as Flash pieces simply plopped on a blank page. Disclaimers out of the way, here they are:

‘House of Kyle’ Header (whatever you do, don’t press the button)

The Fords in Los Angeles (a sandbox)

Special Announcement

[UPDATE: Sorry, these aren’t viewable anymore. R.I.P. Flash]