My Current Podcast Lineup

I spend a pretty decent amount of time driving, running and working out at the gym, so (audio) podcasts are my lifeblood. As a longtime podcast listener (since the Daily Source Code days), my go-to rotation has changed a lot over the years, but here’s my current lineup:

You Look Nice Today: My current favorite, by a wide margin. The guys are back on a monthly schedule, every February 2nd (droppin’ it on the deuce). It’s like Christmas morning every time I see that there’s a new episode.

The (New) Talk Show: Despite the recent controversy, Gruber still puts on a great show, and it’s getting better with each episode.

Back to Work: Merlin’s continual gold aside, his relationship with Dan is the heart and soul of the show.

Hypercritical: Siracusa goes into deep, deep nerdery on a weekly basis (the video game controller discussion alone was mindblowing), and it’s everything I want it to be.

Build and Analyze: Great weekly insight into the mind of a popular iOS developer, especially as he deals with competition and navigates ongoing Apple shenanigans. Plus, his app rules.

This American Life: This is sort of like choosing The Beatles as your favorite band (too easy). Obviously a legendary show, though I actually find myself skipping most episodes these days, unless I’ve run out of everything else and have a long drive. I think that speaks to the quality of the other podcasts above more than anything else.

Note: I recently switched to Instacast for managing/listening to podcasts (from the stock iOS “Music” app). So angry I didn’t switch earlier.