My Current Go-To iPhone Apps

As a long-time Apple nerd (and someone who’s recently worked on an iOS project) I’ve installed a terrifying number of iPhone apps. Some fall out of favor quickly, some lose their luster gradually and some withstand the test of time. For those that might be interested, I’ve decided to list a handful of my current favorites.


  • To keep things focused, I haven’t listed iPad apps (though many of these also run on the iPad).
  • I’ve left out standard system apps like Mail and Calendar, as well as the official Facebook app, since the latter is a bit of a given at this point.

Anyway, without further ado:

If you live and die on Twitter, this is a real gem.

If you’re into podcasts, this will change your life.

Nike+ GPS
No more shoe chip needed. Accountability brings results.

Love Wikipedia? This is a gorgeous way to read articles.

As an old man who still loves RSS, this is essential.

The “read it later” field is getting crowded, but this is still the best.

Clear’s innovative interface makes creating lists feel like playing a game.