I’ve had the Apple Watch for about a year and a half now, and I generally remain a fan. With a lot of “wearables are fading” press out there these days, you might be wondering if getting into this scene makes sense for you. Well, for anyone that’s interested, here’s what I use my watch for all the time:

  • Instant glances at time, date, my next calendar event, temperature and daily physical activity (all on my main watch face)
  • Nightstand time display (when groggily tapping the plugged-in watch face)/alarm clock
  • Ability to immediately see incoming text messages and fire back quick replies without reaching for my phone
  • Triggering Siri to dictate new text messages, set reminders and magically call up any song/album to my car via Apple Music
  • Audio controls for music and podcasts
  • General notifications (when family members leave/arrive at places I’ve asked to be notified about, when new app builds are ready at work, etc.)
  • Checking items off my grocery list without needing to hold my phone while pushing a cart (using the truly great AnyList app)

Additionally (though less frequently), I use the watch for:

  • Paying with Apple Pay (I can even do this at some vending machines now)
  • Getting handy “left vs. right turn wrist taps” when use Apple Maps (which has come a long way these days) for driving directions
  • Going on runs with only the watch (my first-generation watch tracks distance reasonably well as a pedometer even without GPS, and you can store downloaded Apple Music tracks on it locally)

There you have it. THE MORE YOU KNOW (shooting star)…

Written by Kyle Ford

Husband. Father of several clowns. Product guy.