Media Diary (July 2021)

Some stuff I’ve experienced lately (and not necessarily only new releases):

Schmigadoon! (TV): Generally delightful

Black Widow (Movie): Overall pretty solid, and you can’t go wrong with Rachel Weisz

The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine (Book): A comprehensive examination of a complicated country

One Year (Podcast): Really interesting stories, all from 1977

Summer of Soul (Movie): What a show!

Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom (Movie): A fascinating look at a crazy time

Casablanca (Movie): I’d watched this years ago, but really enjoyed this viewing

Ted Lasso (TV): Glad to have him back

No Sudden Move (Movie): Suddenly Matt Damon appeared

The Music Man (Movie): It had been a while, and it’s still probably my favorite musical

Oklahoma! (Movie): It had been even longer since I’d last seen this, and Jud was sweatier than ever in HD

Behind The Attraction (TV): Put it in my veins

Lovely Lviv

Last week, I was fortunate enough to visit Lviv, Ukraine on a work trip, and even more fortunate that I was able to bring my wife with me.

What an amazing city!

I’ll let the pictures and videos do most of the talking, but here’s a short list of things I learned from our time there:

  • Like elsewhere in Europe, their “acceptable amount of ice in drinks” game is suspect
  • Same goes for the coldness of their fridges (prepare to embrace that lukewarm lifestyle)
  • You’re not getting a Diet Coke, friend
  • You’re also not getting any black coffee (Americano it is!)
  • Pedestrians are absolutely fearless
  • Smiling and nodding as you pass someone is not a thing
  • Borscht is everywhere, and I actually enjoyed it!
  • The Ukrainians I chatted with weren’t as interested in Chernobyl as tourists are (given that it is a dark time in their history)
  • You can tap to pay everywhere, and it’s glorious
  • It’s generally difficult to be a non-drinker on work trips, but it’s really hard in Ukraine (though I’m now an expert on the Lviv seltzer scene)

Media Diary (June 2021)

Some stuff I’ve experienced lately (and not necessarily only new releases):

Mare of Easttown (TV): Loved this a great deal

The Sparks Brothers (Movie): What a delight, and what a career

F9: The Fast Saga (Movie): LUDACRIS. IN. SPACE.

Loki (TV): Some cool Doctor Who vibes

In The Heights (Movie): Fantastic, and the songs were killer

Dave (TV): This season’s already super weird, and I’m here for it

Bo Burnham: Inside (Movie): Really impressive

Lisey’s Story (TV): Enjoying the haunting atmosphere

Synecdoche, New York (Movie): Kinda blew my mind

Physical (TV): Something tells me this won’t end well for the husband

Joe Versus The Volcano (Movie): What a weird, lovely movie (I’d seen it as a kid, but remembered almost nothing)

1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything (TV): Heck of a year

Anomalisa (Movie): Crazily realistic (despite being animated), especially the sex scene

Mike Tyson: The Knockout (TV): No mention of Glass Joe

Rocketman (Movie): Thought this was done very well

The Underground Railroad (TV): Just started, but it’s (as expected) pretty powerful

The Witches (Movie): Fine, but not as good as the original

Salt Fat Acid Heat (TV): I found this super relaxing and compelling

Pamela’s Prayer (Movie): “Recommended” by my wife and her cousins, this was truly something to behold