Seclusion Queue

Since (I hope!) everyone’s doing their best to stay home during this craziness, I thought I’d gather together some past entertainment recommendation posts, along with some recent monthly media diary entries. Happy watching/listening, and hang in there:

Drop Everything And Watch

Private Screening

Greatest of All TV

Best of The Worst

My God, It’s Full of Stars

My Epic James Bond Post

City of Angels

When You Wake, Ring For Drake

Media Diary (February 2020)

Media Diary (January 2020)

Best of 2019

As usual, I haven’t been able to see/listen to everything I’d like, but here are my top five picks this year across movies, TV and podcasts…




Always In My Ears

Other than documentary films, podcasts are probably my favorite media form. Given my absurd daily commute, I listen to all sorts of shows, most of them released weekly or on a sporadic schedule.

That said, there are a few daily shows that I’ve found good enough to become a standard part of my weekday routine…

The Daily: The gold standard, despite the fact that I can no longer say “Hmm!” without my wife making a Michael Barbaro joke

Post Reports: A relatively new afternoon counterpart to The Daily that’s getting better and better

Business Wars Daily: Quick little five-minute episodes, often about rivalries, companies or trends that are completely new to me

Retropod: Another series with super-short episodes focused on little-known stories or moments in history