They Get Like That

Back before the ugly truth came out, Louis C.K. had a great bit about aging that’s started to resonate more and more with me as I hurtle ever closer to oblivion:

Some things that are now just “like that” for me:

  • Socks or slippers are now essential (otherwise my feet become blocks of ice)

  • Morning coffee isn’t just a suggestion

  • Evening coffee is out (unless I’m up for an all-night ceiling staring party)

  • My patented terrible desk posture has real, non-thrilling effects later in the day

  • Reading glasses are no longer optional

  • Forgetting my sunglasses makes me feel like a vampire stepping into daylight

  • Eating garbage actually affects me (especially non-diet soda, which has become my Kryptonite)

  • I can’t just eat snacks throughout the day without it taking a dire toll on my waistline

  • 10pm hits like a ton of bricks

  • I can hardly ever sleep in past 5:30 or 6:00am now, which is “neat”

Here’s to inevitable declines! 🥂

Best of 2020

Man, what a year to try and pick out “best” stuff, especially on the movies side (though we still have Wonder Woman 1984 coming on Christmas Day!).

That said, here are my favorites from the year. The TV list is twice as long, because 2020…




Holiday/Pandemic Fuel

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