Owen and Stewart’s Leprechaun Trap

Pretty standard. The leprechaun is dazzled by the ruby slipper and
gems, while simultaneously enraged by the sign. So he defiantly climbs
the makeshift ladder and seals his fate.

Web Services Update

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “State of the Union” re: which web apps/services I’m currently using. I know it’s been keeping you guys up at night, so here goes…

Ning: Duh 🙂 In all honesty though, our product has been getting better and better with each release, and our latest release adds even more nifty features for starting/pimping out your own social network.

iGoogle: Still my start page, mostly due to its simplicity. I always debate about switching to Netvibes though. We’ll see.

Gmail: I’ve been using a Gmail/.Mac combo to pump mail to my iPhone, while I wait (hopefully not in vain) for Gmail to add IMAP support.

Google Reader: My day-to-day feed reader, however I’ve had to set up a mirror Bloglines account since the Google Reader team hasn’t yet set up a proper iPhone version (c’mon guys, there’s even a Wii version…let’s get this done).

Blogger: Though it’s totally not “cool” to use Blogger (over MT or WordPress), I like to keep it real.

Twitter: These days I’m far more likely to update via Twitter than do a proper blog post.

Pownce: Pretty handy for sharing files, and will become even cooler once their API is released soon and more third-party apps crop up.

Ta-da Lists: I’ve ditched Backpack for the simplicity (and cool iPhone version) of 37signals’ free product.

del.icio.us: Still cool (after all these years).

Facebook: Digital cocaine, despite the serious current lock-in issues.

MySpace: No thanks. Still have to log in once in a while though to check on certain friends.

LinkedIn: Still get a fairly constant stream of requests, though I have yet to actually use it for anything work-related.

Flickr: No-brainer.

YouTube: I’m not one of those guys that lives on YouTube, but I’ve definitely been using it a lot more since it’s also on the AppleTV and iPhone.

Last.fm: Simple and easy.