Seemingly Trivial

A year ago, we were dazzled when Owen would crack a smile. Now, after we change his diaper, we can say “put your diaper away,” and watch as he grabs the diaper, walks to the closet door, waits for us to open it for him, enters the closet, opens the trash can lid, puts the diaper in, pats it down, closes the trash can lid, then turns to see what we think. A seemingly trivial little routine, but mindblowing in its own way.

Even Sarah Connor

Sarah and I went to see the musical version of The Lion King last night. We had to park in the typical crappy Los Angeles valet-style parking lot (where they pack you in like sardines and it takes 45 minutes just to get your car unblocked when the show is over). Anyway, a big herd of us migrated to and from the show together, and Linda Hamilton was one of us.

Knowing that even Sarah Connor can get screwed over by parking lots brings a huge smile to my face.

Couldn’t Even See Whoopi

So Sarah and I went to a taping of Hollywood Squares this afternoon. It was quite an event. After waiting in line for nearly an hour and a half, we were finally escorted to seats so crappy that I could BARELY see even ONE of the nine squares. Hell, I couldn’t even see Whoopi. I was raging. Thankfully, right as the show was about to begin, Whoopi came over and sympathized with our section’s plight. She even gave us all free Hollywood Squares hats. I’ll…uh…wear mine every day. Lorenzo Lamas also had a square. That about sums ‘er up.

10:31pm Addendum:

We had to go through a metal detector to get onto the set. One of the guards confiscated my pocket knife, saying, and I quote, “we don’t want you killing Whoopi.”