Testimonial time. As a nerd working in the entertainment industry, I’ve come to rely daily on a number of technologies/gadgets/services. For posterity’s sake, here’s the current rundown (in no particular order):

PowerBook: It’s a little dated now (the first rev. of the 12″ G4), but it’s still the best computer I’ve ever owned. I use a PC laptop at work (HP somethingorother), and while it’s not bad (I’m not a Windows hater), it can’t even come close to the OS X experience. Some of my favorite apps: FirefoxAdiumDragThingKonfabulatorBBEditDelicious LibraryClutterEvoCam and Kung-Tunes.

iPod: Life-changing.

Gmail: It’s changed the way I use email. No more filing things away, forgetting what I told a client, etc. A quick search and I’m there.

My Yahoo!: All loyalties aside, it’s easily the best start page on the web, and the recent RSS additions are incredible.

Bloglines: I’ve tried a ton of feed readers, and I always come back to this one. For people who use multiple machines, it’s indispensable.

Blogger: I like Movable Type too, but ever since Blogger revamped last year, it’s been top-notch.

Flickr: No other photo service can touch it.

Palm Zire: Just a shitty black and white PDA, but I use it for all my calendar/address book stuff. It also syncs with both my Mac and my…

Sony Ericsson T616: A great little phone. Sure the camera produces some of the crappiest lo-res images known to man, but the Bluetooth functionality is great for syncing data and allowing me to use the phone as an iTunes remote control.

Netflix: Essential if you have young children and can never leave the house. A lot of competitors are gunning for them, but I’m staying loyal. Even more essential…

TiVo (especially dual-tuner units): Words fail.

: It always delivers. Get it? Oh damn!

del.icio.us: Fantastic social bookmarks.

Ta-da Lists: These just launched, but I’m already loving them. Well-designed, easy-to-use lists. And from the same company…

Basecamp: I just started using this project management system for an upcoming site, but I’m definitely a fan thus far.

GameCube: As a Nintendo-loyalist, I gotta represent. Same goes for…

Nintendo DS: It doesn’t have many games yet, but it’s an awesome little system. When Animal Crossing DS comes out, it may be the end of me (not to mention Dave, who had a full-on obsession with the original AC).