Annoying Meme Day!

It’s high time for another “what’s in your day-to-day bag” list share. Without further ado…

1) PowerBook G4 12″ (soon to be a MacBook Pro as soon as Apple ships that bitch out)

2) IBM ThinkPad T43 (so I can see how the other half lives…well, how the other 95% lives)

3) Motorola RAZR V3c (despite Verizon not having much nerd street cred, we’ve been on almost every carrier and I’m a fan of the big V’s coverage thus far)

4) iPod 60GB (for when I need a quick Weekend at Bernie’s fix)

5) iPod nano 4GB (a gift…my podcast listening device of choice)

6) Nintendo DS (sometimes makes an appearance in the bag, not all the time…Animal Crossing has been sorely neglected lately)

7) Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer (not a big fan of the Mighty Mouse)

What gadgets do you roll with on a day-to-day basis?