Media Weather Report

It’s been a while since I did a useless post chronicling my current media interests. Here we go…


I haven’t had much of a chance to play the ol’ DS recently, however thanks to some brotherly fighting and some spoiling from Dad, there are now FOUR DS handhelds in the Casa de Ford (as well as a lot of PictoChatting that involves drawing pictures of poop).

I called EBGames this morning to reserve a Wii and they laughed in my face. Evidently they sold out in about five minutes. Seems to be the case all over the country.


I’ve been super busy with the day job at Ning, and have been using our three new products extensively…even going as far as to switch my personal stuff from Flickr to House of Kyle Photos, and from YouTube/Google Video to House of Kyle Videos. In feed reader news, after testing it out for a week, I’ve officially switched from Bloglines to Google Reader (as the new version is amazing).

Software-wise, I’m using SuperDuper to back up to an external drive, as it allows me to immediately boot from an exact copy of my MacBook Pro should the internal drive crap out (this was prompted by some ominous clicking sounds which have since gone away).


Who the hell has the time (or interest) for movies anymore?


Dave was complaining about the lack of good stuff this fall season, but I disagree. While Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars have been a little stagnant so far (I have faith they’ll pick up again), I’ve been digging the latest seasons of Nip/TuckBattlestar GalacticaLostPrison BreakWeedsThe OfficeDesperate HousewivesHow I Met Your MotherBoston Legal and South Park.

New show-wise, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Ugly Betty are far and away the two best, but I’m also a fan of HeroesDexter and 30 Rock.

UPDATE: Duh, forgot about music. I’ve been hardcore into ’70s Elton John recently. Not quite sure why. The new Beck album too. My page prob knows more than I do, anyway.