20-Year Personal Console Timeline

A brief history of my experiences with Nintendo consoles (not counting portables or non-Nintendo products):

NES (1986ish)
I wasn’t old enough to have a way to buy one myself, and I watched in bitter jealousy as friend after friend received the magic box. I finally got one on my birthday, and jumped around like a madman for several minutes before having my dad hook it up to the TV and losing myself in the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo pack.

SNES (1991)
I remember saving my allowance for months in a little envelope that I pinned to the bulletin board in my room. I even decorated the envelope with pictures of Mario and Yoshi. Yeah. When it came out, I was flat-out blown away by Super Mario World and Pilotwings.

Nintendo 64 (1996)
I waited in line outside Toys ‘R Us and raced past kids to grab the pickup ticket. Shameful. I also recall Devin playing Mario 64 in my dorm room for like 10-hour stretches. And Mario Kart 64 goes without saying.

GameCube (2002-2003ish)
I was late to the GameCube party because I was recently married, busy working and thought I was too old for it. Big mistake. Zelda: Wind Waker ended up giving us hours of entertainment, and Donkey Konga is still an Owen/Stew favorite.

Wii (2006)
God-willing, the boys and I will be able to score a Wii on release day (this Sunday). I’ve got the potential stores lined up and a gameplan in place. Bring it.

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