Web Services Update

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “State of the Union” re: which web apps/services I’m currently using. I know it’s been keeping you guys up at night, so here goes…

Ning: Duh ๐Ÿ™‚ In all honesty though, our product has been getting better and better with each release, and our latest release adds even more nifty features for starting/pimping out your own social network.

iGoogle: Still my start page, mostly due to its simplicity. I always debate about switching to Netvibes though. We’ll see.

Gmail: I’ve been using a Gmail/.Mac combo to pump mail to my iPhone, while I wait (hopefully not in vain) for Gmail to add IMAP support.

Google Reader: My day-to-day feed reader, however I’ve had to set up a mirror Bloglines account since the Google Reader team hasn’t yet set up a proper iPhone version (c’mon guys, there’s even a Wii version…let’s get this done).

Blogger: Though it’s totally not “cool” to use Blogger (over MT or WordPress), I like to keep it real.

Twitter: These days I’m far more likely to update via Twitter than do a proper blog post.

Pownce: Pretty handy for sharing files, and will become even cooler once their API is released soon and more third-party apps crop up.

Ta-da Lists: I’ve ditched Backpack for the simplicity (and cool iPhone version) of 37signals’ free product.

del.icio.us: Still cool (after all these years).

Facebook: Digital cocaine, despite the serious current lock-in issues.

MySpace: No thanks. Still have to log in once in a while though to check on certain friends.

LinkedIn: Still get a fairly constant stream of requests, though I have yet to actually use it for anything work-related.

Flickr: No-brainer.

YouTube: I’m not one of those guys that lives on YouTube, but I’ve definitely been using it a lot more since it’s also on the AppleTV and iPhone.

Last.fm: Simple and easy.