We’ll Miss You, Dr. Nolan

Of the countless teachers and professors I had over the years, a small handful stick out in my mind as real influencers over my life and career. Mike Nolan was on this short list.

As my academic advisor, he went out of his way to help me assemble a course schedule that allowed me to remain focused on my major (English) while still dabbling in Art, Journalism (a department which he singlehandedly kept alive) and all sorts of other shenanigans. The fact that he was unassumingly hilarious didn’t hurt either.

Dr. Nolan was extremely interested in where Journalism was going as the digital space grew and grew, and continued to keep in touch with me every few years to see how my career was progressing.

This morning I heard the news of his unexpected death and was absolutely stunned. The world has lost a great guy, and I’m honored to have had him as a teacher.