Here Comes Forty

As I find myself sliding into birthday oblivion in a couple months, I thought I’d share a few discoveries about myself and my world that have come into clearer focus over the years. Anyway, yolo (which I can freely say without cringing, given that I’m Methuselah):

  1. I don’t care about cars. Or mortgages. Or the world of finance. Or sports. At all. Totally glad to awkwardly nod and glaze over while you offer your opinions, but (pro tip!) you’ll get the same results talking to a dog. Heck, the dog is probably motivated enough to actually chase your dream car.

  2. Documentaries have become my favorite film/TV genre (especially anything about pained artists, rock band backstabbing or cults).

  3. Podcasts are life.

  4. Adding “Tokyo Drift” to the end of any movie title makes it better, just as casting The Rock in any movie immediately elevates the entire experience.

  5. It’s important to support legitimate journalism and even more important to stay informed/not tune out.

  6. I used to rarely (if ever) post about politics or religion. Now I post a ton about both. Don’t worry though, a sex columnist career pivot definitely isn’t on the feature roadmap.

  7. I’m pretty boring. I don’t enjoy parties, I no longer drink and there isn’t much I enjoy more than watching a show in bed with my wife. Basically what I’m saying is that I’m indistinguishable from Pitbull.

  8. I’ve found that with normal people, an age difference of even a few years places them in an entirely different generation from the “how I view/use technology” standpoint. For example, “people with high nostalgia for Atari systems vs. the NES,” or “those that used AIM in school vs. those that didn’t” all occupy different cultural worlds. Among nerds, I see a less-pronounced difference (perhaps since they tend to be earlier adopters or show a stronger interest in a specific technology’s origins).

  9. Having seen patterns on the Internet repeat over the years, I’m encouraged that people are waking up to the “didn’t we learn our lesson from AOL in the ‘90s” current social media environment, and I’m feeling bullish for what comes next. I should note that my former boss Gina Bianchini has been ringing this bell for well over a decade 🙂

  10. I’ve learned that there are a variety of tools/options for those (like myself) that deal with anxiety-related issues, but exercise, meditation and even just deep breathing are really a thing. Who knew?

I look forward to updating everyone again in ten years, when I discuss how I’m still kinda wary about jumping on the “connected brain implant” bandwagon.

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