Personality Types I’ve Encountered (as Illustrated by a High School Dance)

Type 1: Right in the middle of a dance circle, busting out a sweet solo and soaking up the love

Type 2: Standing in the dance circle, clapping along enthusiastically

Type 3: In the gym, but watching the action from the sidelines

Type 4: At the dance, but hiding out in a bathroom stall or empty corridor to escape the crowd

Type 5: Not at the dance

Type 6: Not at the dance, and loudly hating on it to anyone that’ll listen

I’m more of a Type 5 at heart, but guilt usually pushes me closer to a Type 4 (or sometimes a Type 3 thanks to the positive influence of my wife, who I’d place as a Type 3 that’s Type 2-curious). A Type 1 and a Type 6 are similar enough that this thing is probably best presented as a circle.

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Kyle Ford

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