Whiskers on Kittens: More Favorites

A while back I posted about some of my favorite things. Aside from a few changes here and there, the list still holds up pretty well, so I thought I’d share some new additions:

Echo Show 5: Just got this, but totally loving it (and I appreciate the physical lens cover switch)

EPIC Beef, Apple & Bacon Bar: This is possibly the greatest beef jerky bar I’ve had in my life

Slice Safety Cutter: Got this based on a recommendation from Matt Haughey, and it has surpassed all expectations

Fancy Socks (Bombas and Comrad): One day a switch flipped, and I suddenly cared about socks 🤷‍♂️

HP 14″ Chromebook: My go-to barebones writing machine these days, and the support for Android apps is surprisingly handy

RXBAR: I ravage these things

Alexa Voice Remote (Power and Volume): The best remote for what has become my favorite streaming platform

Jackery Bolt Portable Charger: Built-in cables = gamechanger

Soylent Squared: Convenient little snacks, I’m partial to the Citrus Berry ones

Tweezerman: Kryptonite for hangnails

Media Diary (June 2019)

Some things I’ve experienced lately, in no particular order, and not necessarily only recent stuff (also not including Poldark, which I dabbled in while my wife TORE IT UP):

When They See Us (TV): Infuriating

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese (Movie): I knew it had fictional elements woven in, but my mind was blown after doing some research

Man in The Window (Podcast): A super chilling look at the Golden State Killer

Swamp Thing (TV): As a big fan of the comics, I was pleasantly surprised by this show (then infuriated when it was of course immediately canceled)

Mad Max (Movie): Despite both being fans of Fury Road, neither of us had ever seen the original trilogy (in other words, we’d wasted our lives)

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (Movie): Glorious

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Movie): As expected, Tina elevates

The Chernobyl Podcast (Uh, Podcast): Seriously, it might be as good as the show

Axios (TV): Enjoyed it last year, enjoying it this year

Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes (Movie): Ugh

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman (TV): Was excited to see more new episodes

Confronting: O.J. Simpson (Podcast): I’ll never stop being obsessed with the O.J. trial, and this show from Ron Goldman’s sister provides a really interesting perspective

Good Omens (TV): So far, so good

Dark Phoenix (Movie): I guess it was fine?

The Weekly (TV): You’ll love it if you love The Daily

1865 (Podcast): Expected a documentary series instead of a radio play, but I’m fully along for the ride

The Handmaid’s Tale (TV): Still great, still a little too close for comfort

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (Movie): Was decent, but the documentary is a better bet

Baskets (TV): Against all odds, the pride of Bakersfield endures

City of Angels

I’m getting close to completing my second decade of living in Los Angeles, and while I’m not sure it’s possible to ever truly get your head around this place, here are twenty movies that (in wildly varying ways) each fill in a small piece of the puzzle:

The Big Lebowski


The Aviator

Singin’ in The Rain

L.A. Story

Blade Runner

Boogie Nights

Beverly Hills Cop

The Player

Mulholland Drive

Die Hard

The Rocketeer

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

La La Land

L.A. Confidential

Terminator 2: Judgment Day


Barton Fink

The Graduate

Escape From L.A.