‘If You Don’t Like It, You Can Leave!’

In the least surprising turn of events since the sun rising this morning, Republican support for our fearless leader increased slightly after his latest racist tour de force.

Here’s the article’s real money quote:

“To Republicans, Trump is simply saying: ‘Hey, if you don’t like America, you can leave,'” Hutchings said. “That is not at all controversial. If you already support Trump, then it’s very easy to interpret his comments that way.”

This is probably the least American thing I’ve ever heard.

The fight for equality and social change (however slow the process may take) is what defines this country. The fact that we protect voices of dissent is one of our defining characteristics, and something we should never stop celebrating and encouraging.

Would you have told women fighting for the right to vote to stop agitating and leave?

What about black people fighting for civil rights?

Those protesting what they considered an unjust war in Vietnam?

The relentless journalists investigating the Nixon administration?

Those that cheered Trump’s comments this past weekend are either outright racists or adherents to a truly twisted version of what they think is patriotism, but is in reality dangerously close to fascism.

While I hope their fevers eventually break (and our current hellscape comes to an end), they should absolutely stay in the country, keep expressing themselves and above all keep engaging with those that hold entirely opposing views. That’s what makes America great.

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Kyle Ford

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