Still Racist After All These Years

My wife and I often send each other screenshots of the general insanity we come across when venturing into the MAGAsphere. It’s basically our sexting.

This was today’s gem (please try to visualize it in horribly-designed meme form):

“For eight years, if I disagreed with the President, I was a racist. Now, if I agree with the President, I’m a racist.”

Let’s pick this one out of the pile and examine it for a second, shall we?

1) Disagreeing with a President is obviously fine, and it’s what (actually) makes America great. Many in your political movement didn’t, however, “disagree” with Obama, but instead relentlessly questioned his citizenship and birthplace, while falsely claiming that he was a Muslim (along with generally slamming Muslims). If you shared these memes and cracked these jokes (and let’s be real, red hats, a lot of you did), you were a racist.

2) Trump breathes in oxygen and breathes out bigotry. Listing the endless examples would be like counting the grains of sand on a beach, but suffice it to say that if you’re still supportive of him despite the daily onslaught, this means…let me do some quick calculations…bleep bloop…yep, you’re still a racist.

This might bother you a bit, since it means that your otherwise-flawless Facebook feed now contains a piece of misinformation! Fear not, I’ve provided a new image for you to easily swap out:

Sunshine and hugs! 💫

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