The great Megan Amram retweeted this today (it’s from back in 2015), and it really struck a nerve:

“In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.”

Bingo. There’s no shortage of simple, no-brainer levers that we as a country could pull to enact additional gun regulations. I’m not talking about prying rifles from cold dead hands, merely about small tweaks that could start moving the needle.

Would these actions magically stop all mass shootings? Of course not. There are tons of weapons already in circulation, and obviously bad guys will always find countless ways to beat the system.

Here’s the thing, though: it would stop some of them, but many people have clearly demonstrated that they don’t care to try.

They’ve ranked “everyone has the right to an AR-15 to rise against a tyrannical government!” paranoia (spoiler: they have nukes) higher on their list of values than preventing the actual mass murder of children.

If people aren’t willing to budge an inch, or do anything beyond meaninglessly sharing another “thoughts and prayers” meme, the senseless tragedies will continue. Inaction has consequences.

Want to start making a difference? Here’s a great place to start.

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