A Simple Question

This week, after a staggering series of events stemming from the whistleblower’s complaint, Donald Trump quickly ended the “debate” over whether or not he’d tried to influence a foreign country into investigating a political rival (an impeachable offense) by…again suggesting that they should investigate a political rival, this time on television. 🤯

I invite Trump supporters to set aside his CVS receipt-length list of other crimes and just focus on this one. The President has openly and inarguably done something that’s wildly worthy of impeachment, and while I’m sure he’d have preferred for it to stay in the darkness, he’s now decided to just lean into it, making the bet that his supporters will stand by him.

So I ask you, Trump supporters, which is more important: Donald J. Trump or the United States Constitution?

You’ve been able to hide behind the convenient (albeit lazy and ignorant) “fake news!” excuse up until this point, but with the evidence now indisputable (and coming directly from his own mouth), will you continue walking down the MAGA path?

If so, I shudder at what else you’ll need to rationalize in the weeks and months ahead, while you wrap yourself in the American flag that you claim to hold so dear, but are treating like nothing more than toilet paper.

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Kyle Ford

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