Misinformational Distancing

It’s been encouraging to see so many people coming together to practice “social distancing” during this rapidly unfolding Coronavirus pandemic. To me, it proves that most Americans, despite having infamous “I’ll do what I want, it’s a free country!” reputations, will still (at the end of the day) make sacrifices to protect the weaker among us.

Most Americans. 💀

As has been the case for years now, there remains a stubborn, breathtakingly-uninformed segment of the population (you can identify them by their distinctive red hats and active Facebook feeds) determined to politicize/whatabout-ize every valid concern, crime or catastrophe that comes down the pike.

While these people are always maddening, they’re especially dangerous now, as many “I mostly socialize offline” people are relying more heavily on the Internet while in seclusion.

A few recent examples on the national scale:

A few gems from my own church community sprinkled in for good measure:

Please stay vigilant.

Just as you’re doing your best to avoid crowds and unnecessary face-to-face interaction, be extremely cautious about the information you invite inside your mind, even (and in some cases especially) if it comes from friends.

In the interest of eating my own dogfood, please don’t take my word for it, but follow these great guidelines.

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