They Get Like That

Back before the ugly truth came out, Louis C.K. had a great bit about aging that’s started to resonate more and more with me as I hurtle ever closer to oblivion:

Some things that are now just “like that” for me:

  • Socks or slippers are now essential (otherwise my feet become blocks of ice)

  • Morning coffee isn’t just a suggestion

  • Evening coffee is out (unless I’m up for an all-night ceiling staring party)

  • My patented terrible desk posture has real, non-thrilling effects later in the day

  • Reading glasses are no longer optional

  • Forgetting my sunglasses makes me feel like a vampire stepping into daylight

  • Eating garbage actually affects me (especially non-diet soda, which has become my Kryptonite)

  • I can’t just eat snacks throughout the day without it taking a dire toll on my waistline

  • 10pm hits like a ton of bricks

  • I can hardly ever sleep in past 5:30 or 6:00am now, which is “neat”

Here’s to inevitable declines! ๐Ÿฅ‚

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Kyle Ford

Husband. Father of several clowns. Product guy.