FOX Reality of My Youth

Back in another life, I worked on the websites for various primetime FOX offerings. While I got to work on some still-beloved classics like The X-Files, Firefly and Greg The Bunny, I also spent a good deal of time on some absolutely mind-melting reality shows and specials.

Since I think we could all use a bit of a distraction right now, here’s a roundup of a few of the “best” selections, may they never fade from our collective memories:

Joe Millionaire

He walked through the office once, and it was quite the event. My favorite part is that everyone wildly speculated about how they’d trick people again for the second season, and the answer was “yeah, we’ll just do it in Europe.”

Man vs. Beast

To this day, I still bring up the hot dog-eating bear to new co-workers. It’s honestly pretty central to my core identity at this point.

Mr. Personality

A true pioneer in the “make them wear masks before agreeing to bang” genre. Hosted by Monica Lewinsky, who I unfortunately did not get to meet when I visited the sweet mansion in Malibu. Sadly, I also think that this (surely invaluable) Cheat Sheet is lost to time:

My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance

Let’s be real for a sec, our belt buckle-centric landing page was groundbreaking stuff:

Celebrity Boxing

Interviewing Joey Buttafuoco and Vanilla Ice on the same day remains a “highlight” of my career.

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The Tens

A decade ago I wrote up a short recap of some major events that’d happened to me over the previous ten years. Let’s do it again!

Some notable things that’ve happened to me since January 1, 2010:

  • Amazingly, didn’t have any more kids (went a wee bit overboard in the previous decade)

  • Left Ning for a job at Moonfrye

  • Left Camera IQ for a job at Ring

  • Proudly watched my wife go back to (and thrive at) teaching

  • Said goodbye to our first family dog, then went out and got the one owned by Charlotte from Sex and the City

  • Became a battle-hardened veteran of the parental controls/gaming device setup wars

  • Became much more open about my faith (and the ongoing struggles I’ve had over the past several years)

  • Watched my music and movie collection turn from files on a hard drive to files on various cloud services

  • Took some big steps in my longtime mental health journey (perhaps a topic I’ll address more publicly over the next ten years)

Accurate Anger

Just to clarify a bit on the Arbonne/multi-level-marketing portion of my latest post (as I watch the Instagram story responses roll in):

1. You’ll notice in the piece that I don’t take up the issue of whether or not these things are technically pyramid schemes from a legal/business model sense (though of course methinks they doth protest too much). That’s irrelevant.

2. Ditto for whether or not “cleanses and detoxing” are effective or not. While as a general rule I find it best not to get health advice from a company’s marketing presentations and materials (or “experts” cited within), if it works for you and your doctor, great!

3. As mentioned in the piece, what’s troubling to me is the fusion of religion and commerce, which is just one of many disturbing mergers (religion and politics, religion and guns, religion and law enforcement idolatry, etc.).

You may disagree with me entirely (and Lord knows I’ll hear about in the ol’ Facebook comments section), but at least be accurately angry with me! 🥊❤️🥊