The Little Guy Turns One

A year ago, when Automattic swept in and saved Tumblr from a grim phone company-based death, I dusted off my old blog, renamed it House of Kyle Junior and sent it out into the world.

To celebrate its one-year anniversary, I thought I’d share some favorite posts since the relaunch:

I still think about this from time to time

“Beware the Wheelers”


Was deep into this game back in the day (for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me)


Spa day

Unused footage

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Foreign Concepts

What a strange time to grow up. While change is obviously the one constant in life, the pace of technological innovation over the past few decades has been wild to watch. Here’s a short list of things that were fairly common not too long ago, but would be generally baffling to my teenage sons:

  • Sitting down at a specific place to “go on” the Internet

  • Waiting to get photos developed before seeing how they turned out

  • Listening for a dial tone

  • Needing to be together physically in order to trash talk and play video games with friends

  • Buying “box sets” to catch up on a TV series

  • Wondering what a classmate that moved away is up to nowadays

  • Owning a music collection

  • Getting driving directions ready prior to starting a trip

  • Sharing a file with someone on a disk or CD

  • Having the correct answer to a pop culture argument remain unsettled

When You Wake, Ring For Drake

While I’ve explored many different musical paths over the years, my childhood (based on what my parents were into) was generally all about bluegrass and showtunes.

While I haven’t really kept up with the former, I made a playlist covering some of my favorites from the latter a while back, and as a little weekend escape from reality, I thought I’d expand on it by sharing a few great numbers from musical film adaptations: