Farewell, Facebook

Facebook has been a problematic dumpster fire for a long, long time, and while I’ve rage-deactivated my account several times in the past (then masochistically gone back for another punch in the face), I’m hoping that this time the dead will stay dead. 💀

In parting, I took a few more “friends of the church” screenshots this week. May they serve as a dystopian memorial service slideshow of sorts:

While Twitter and Instagram (the latter unfortunately owned by Facebook, but pick your battles 🤷‍♂️) certainly have their issues as well, neither has come anywhere close to Big Blue in terms of negative effects on my real-world friendships (ranging from disappointment to outright loss of all respect). As a former journalism student, I also have some pretty strong feelings about their algorithmic news feed.

Anyway, if you’ve been having similar feelings, I have a few suggestions (take or leave ’em):

  • Deactivate your Facebook account: You can still use Messenger even if you do so, and (as I sadly know too well) you’ll always have the option to come back again. If you’re just in the market for uplifting kid and pet photos, most people you know are already also posting on Instagram, where you can view their stuff (for the most part) without simultaneously drowning in propaganda memes and Breitbart screeds.

You’ve got this! 💫

A Larger ‘Junk Drawer’

Given the ever-increasing craziness of our current world, Kyle’s Junk Drawer (my email newsletter) will now be publishing twice every week!

Sundays will remain free, and a new subscription is available to get in on the hot new Wednesday action as well (with a big discount available through 8/31):


The Little Guy Turns One

A year ago, when Automattic swept in and saved Tumblr from a grim phone company-based death, I dusted off my old blog, renamed it House of Kyle Junior and sent it out into the world.

To celebrate its one-year anniversary, I thought I’d share some favorite posts since the relaunch:

I still think about this from time to time

“Beware the Wheelers”


Was deep into this game back in the day (for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me)


Spa day

Unused footage

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