I’ve spent years obsessively “checking in” to movies and TV shows on Facebook, and while that’s been helpful for reference when writing up “Best of The Year” posts, it’s also full-on insane. Since I’m throttling down my Facebook presence, I’m going to start doing an infrequent “media diet” roundup, which is a concept I’ve shamelessly stolen from the great Jason Kottke.

Anyway, for those interested, here’s the first in an ongoing series that will spotlight a few things I’ve been into recently (in no particular order and not necessarily just recent stuff):

Mindhunter (TV): I’d probably rank this in my all-time top ten shows

Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV): It didn’t miss a beat after so much time off

‘Til Death Do Us Blart (Podcast): A bunch of guys (including the McElroy brothers) that hate-watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 once a year until the heat death of the universe

Lady Bird (Movie): From the performances to the overall vibe/early-2000s setting, I enjoyed this tremendously

Alias Grace (TV): Haven’t finished it yet, but loving what I’ve seen so far

The Good Place (TV): One of my favorite comedies of the past few years

Dirty John (Podcast): An amazing/horrifying story of deception

The Room (Movie): I finally watched this (in anticipation of The Disaster Artist), and I’m now reevaluating reality

Mr. Robot (TV): Really picking up steam as the series progresses

Slow Burn (Podcast): A fascinating look at what it felt like to live through the events surrounding Watergate

Thor: Ragnarok (Movie): Loved the tone, reminded me of Guardians

Godless (TV): I’m only a few episodes in, but it’s stellar

Written by Kyle Ford

Husband. Father of several clowns. Product guy.