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I’ve been posting stuff on the Internet for longer than I’d care to admit. Every few years I have a small breakdown and dramatically switch to another publishing tool or platform, often killing the past in true Kylo Ren fashion.

As of this writing, I’m pretty happy with my streamlined “only Twitter, Instagram and Medium” online presence [August 2020 Update: This is now primarily this site and a few other places], but for anyone interested in wandering down memory lane, I thought I’d point you in the right direction(s)…

Facebook (2006–2020) [August 2020 Update: Now exists just to point the Facebook crowd to content from this site and my newsletter]

Tumblr (2009–2017) [August 2020 Update: This has been cleaned up and reborn]

Blogger (2000–2009) [August 2020 Update: Now living happily at a farm upstate]

Screenshots From Prehistoric Times (‘90s-Early ’00s):

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