Crazy Train

I ride the train a little over four hours almost every weekday. Yeah, I know.

Over time though, I’ve come to generally enjoy the downtime, and I thought I’d share my go-to train essentials for any other interested rail riders. Note that I included a few of these in another post a while back.

Timbuk2 Backpack: My older “Blackbird” model is still getting ‘er done after all these years

AirPods: Probably the most important piece of technology in the whole list, I’d turn to dust without them

iPhone X: Still great, and I haven’t felt compelled to upgrade (I have a Kindle Paperwhite and an old iPad as well, but I rarely use them on the train)

Apple Watch: My “Series 0” launch model is still useful for glancing at info in jam-packed situations, but the newer models are definitely starting to seduce me

Soylent: Hate all you want, having a meal ready to go is a lifesaver

Warby Parker Sunglasses: Los Angeles can be pretty bright, people

Jelbows Elbow Rest: I apologize for the name in advance, but I was having horrible pain in my left elbow from the generally terrible train seats, and this really did the trick

Yeti Rambler: Keeps my coffee hot the entire commute, which continues to amaze me

Jackery Bolt Charger: Most of the time my phone’s battery is fine, but in a pinch this charger with built-in cables is epic

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