Media Diary (January 2019)

Some things I’ve enjoyed lately, in no particular order, and not necessarily only recent stuff:

They Shall Not Grow Old (Movie): Absolutely amazing to see this footage come to life

The Mystery of The Exploding Teeth (Book): Still reading this, but it’s tremendously entertaining

Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes (TV): I had no idea what a media event this was at the time

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend (Podcast): Unsurprisingly great

Fyre and Fyre Fraud (Movies): I could watch ten more of these

Corporate (TV): My wife can’t get past some of the acting, but I’m enjoying the spiral into ever-deeper darkness

Bag Man (Podcast): I had no idea how deep things went with Spiro Agnew

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (TV? Movie? Game?): Interesting experiment, and my version ended in tragedy, as I’d expect from good ol’ Black Mirror

Vice (Movie): Pretty entertaining (and horrifying), but also felt uneven

Outside the Bubble: On the Road with Alexandra Pelosi (TV): Enjoyed each of the various segments, despite weeping for America

Monster: The Zodiac Killer (Podcast): As with the Bundy documentary, I learned all sorts of crazy details

God Knows Where I Am (Movie): What a sad, sad story

True Detective (TV): Only one episode in on this new season, but I’m along for the ride

Retropod (Podcast): Super short, fascinating segments that I’ve added to my morning rotation

Fahrenheit 11/9 (Movie): Infuriating, obvs

Three Wives, One Husband (TV): I’m never one to turn down a polygamy doc

Halloween (Movie): Pretty good, though don’t tell my mother-in-law I supported a Jamie Lee project

The Innocent Man (TV): Another very interesting, very sad tale

Bird Box (Movie): It was fine, and I was able to resist driving while blindfolded

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