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I (clearly) have no “personal brand strategy,” and I’d rather walk across broken glass while taking a bowling ball to the nuts than ever develop one. That said, if you’re interested in following my antics on various sites/services, here’s a rough guide to what I post and where I post it…

House of Kyle: This seems to have generally settled into a mixture of media consumption updates and essays wrestling with modern Christianity (who knew?!?)

Twitter: My beloved, and the place I’m most active by far

Facebook: I do my best to be generally absent from this garbage fire, aside from sharing posts from my site, reading my wife’s updates and generally being consumed with blind rage.

Spotify: I’ve been adding playlists every few weeks or so for close to a year now, and I still really enjoy doing it

Instagram: My standard posts are the usual old man fare, but I actively use Stories to chronicle my daily commute-related descent into madness (tune in before I snap!).

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Husband. Father of several clowns. Product guy.