The Gospel of Donald John

I had a conversation/light sassmouth session yesterday evening in which I realized that some of my ever-evolving thoughts on evangelical culture in the age of Trump may be getting lost due to both the amount of recent material I’ve been posting and the ephemeral nature of social feeds (especially during this exciting pre-impeachment season).

To that end, I thought I’d do an old-fashioned roundup of my journey, in chronological order. Enjoy, I guess? Or get angry? Rock the fetal position? Either way, here y’are:

March 19, 2017: On Recent American Politics, The Current Media Landscape And Christianity (Phew!)

April 7, 2017: One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Trump-Era Christian Struggles

August 18, 2018: On Christian Echo Chambers

March 16, 2019: Always Be Wrestling

April 6, 2019: On Purity Culture

April 25, 2019: Two Types of People

April 27, 2019: Social Specks and Planks

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