Media Diary (October 2019)

Some things I’ve experienced lately, in no particular order, and not necessarily only recent stuff:

Watchmen (TV): Can’t wait to see where this goes

Dolemite Is My Name (Movie): As a longtime Rudy Ray fan, this was everything I needed it to be

American Elections: Wicked Game (Podcast): The story of each and every Presidential election (!)

Living With Yourself (TV): Enjoyed this way more than I expected to

El Camino (Movie): The rare followup/coda that artfully adds more, without taking anything away from the legendary original material

The Mysterious Mr. Epstein (Podcast): An intriguing look into the life of a sick, sick guy

Modern Love (TV): I told my wife that this is like a non-soul crushing version of Black Mirror

Joker (Movie): Enjoyed it overall, Joaquin was epic

Mr. Robot (TV): Hoping they stick the landing

The Wolf of Wall Street (Movie): I’d never seen it, and thought it was tremendous

Silicon Valley (TV): The engineer’s wearable chair alone already kicked this season into high gear

First Man (Movie): Finally watched this (thumbs up), and it’s taking me down an Apollo 11 rabbit hole

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