The Tens

A decade ago I wrote up a short recap of some major events that’d happened to me over the previous ten years. Let’s do it again!

Some notable things that’ve happened to me since January 1, 2010:

  • Amazingly, didn’t have any more kids (went a wee bit overboard in the previous decade)

  • Left Ning for a job at Moonfrye

  • Left Camera IQ for a job at Ring

  • Proudly watched my wife go back to (and thrive at) teaching

  • Said goodbye to our first family dog, then went out and got the one owned by Charlotte from Sex and the City

  • Became a battle-hardened veteran of the parental controls/gaming device setup wars

  • Became much more open about my faith (and the ongoing struggles I’ve had over the past several years)

  • Watched my music and movie collection turn from files on a hard drive to files on various cloud services

  • Took some big steps in my longtime mental health journey (perhaps a topic I’ll address more publicly over the next ten years)

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Kyle Ford

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