Media Diary (May 2020)

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Some things I’ve experienced lately, in no particular order, and not necessarily only recent stuff:

The Great (TV): An absolute delight

The Invisible Man (Movie): Way better than I expected

Dithering (Podcast): Love the content, the business model, the fixed (short!) length and the included periodic Stratechery episodes in the feed

Blackballed (Quibi): I was vaguely aware of the story when it unfolded, but this mini-documentary is fascinating

Homecoming (TV): Tore through this second season

Jojo Rabbit (Movie): Great tone, really enjoyed

Wind of Change (Podcast): Have just started this, but what an insane hook

Reno 911! (Quibi): Glad to have the gang back

I Know This Much Is True (TV): Mesmerizing and depressing

Scandalous: The True Story of the National Enquirer (Movie): The seeds of how our current reality started to crystallize

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (TV): Bleak, but riveting

What We Do In The Shadows (Movie): Fantastic!

What We Do In The Shadows (TV): Also fantastic!

Snowpiercer (Movie): Tremendous

Snowpiercer (TV): Nowhere near as tremendous, but sticking with it to see how things shake out

TFW NO GF (Movie): Should be required viewing if you’re raising children in 2020

Upload (TV): Really enjoyed this

The Maltese Falcon (Movie): Peter Lorre’s character is definitely a highlight

Love Life (TV): Off to a good start

Capone (Movie): Balls-out insane (and worth a watch, despite the reviews)

History 101 (TV): An extremely entertaining and varied set of topics

High Noon (Movie): Didn’t change my life

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend (TV? Movie? Game?): I’d missed them!

Rainman Twins (TV): An interesting look at two identical savants

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian (TV): Sure it’s a giant ad for various Disney properties, but man if it isn’t entertaining

Useless Celebrity History (Quibi): Not amazing, but a quick way to learn about various celebs I’d probably have otherwise ignored

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