Media Diary (June 2021)

Some stuff I’ve experienced lately (and not necessarily only new releases):

Mare of Easttown (TV): Loved this a great deal

The Sparks Brothers (Movie): What a delight, and what a career

F9: The Fast Saga (Movie): LUDACRIS. IN. SPACE.

Loki (TV): Some cool Doctor Who vibes

In The Heights (Movie): Fantastic, and the songs were killer

Dave (TV): This season’s already super weird, and I’m here for it

Bo Burnham: Inside (Movie): Really impressive

Lisey’s Story (TV): Enjoying the haunting atmosphere

Synecdoche, New York (Movie): Kinda blew my mind

Physical (TV): Something tells me this won’t end well for the husband

Joe Versus The Volcano (Movie): What a weird, lovely movie (I’d seen it as a kid, but remembered almost nothing)

1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything (TV): Heck of a year

Anomalisa (Movie): Crazily realistic (despite being animated), especially the sex scene

Mike Tyson: The Knockout (TV): No mention of Glass Joe

Rocketman (Movie): Thought this was done very well

The Underground Railroad (TV): Just started, but it’s (as expected) pretty powerful

The Witches (Movie): Fine, but not as good as the original

Salt Fat Acid Heat (TV): I found this super relaxing and compelling

Pamela’s Prayer (Movie): “Recommended” by my wife and her cousins, this was truly something to behold

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