Media Diary (February 2022)

Some stuff I’ve experienced lately (and not necessarily only new releases):

Severance (TV): I’ve found this to be incredibly compelling so far

Nightmare Alley (Movie): Fantastic, and I’m always a sucker for sideshows

Grim & Mild Presents: Sideshow (Podcast): Case in point

Inventing Anna (TV): Loved it, now waiting for her return as Ruth Langmore

Kimi (Movie): Sleek and entertaining

Pam & Tommy (TV): I look forward to this every week

Red Rocket (Movie): Was a big fan, and this viewing was part of a mini Sean Baker binge

Tangerine (Movie): Which included this (amazing!)

Starlet (Movie): As well as this (also killer)

Painting With John (TV): Glad it’s back, I find this so relaxing

Archive 81 (TV): Tore through this

The Girl Before (TV): Simple and fascinating

Swan Song (Movie): I found this to be quite moving

We Need To Talk About Cosby (TV): The way he layered in the stories of the women chronologically was powerful and horrifying

The Final Member (Movie): A charming and fascinating look at the world of penis collecting

Des (TV): David Tennant was chilling

The Woman in The House Across The Street From The Girl in The Window (TV): Have just started this, but already enjoying

Murderville (TV): So far, so good on this too

The Tinder Swindler (TV): Insane that he got as far as he did

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