Media Diary (July 2022)

Some stuff I’ve experienced lately (and not necessarily only new releases):

Nope (Movie): Loved it, and I think I’ve finally wrapped my head around the shoe in the sitcom flashback scene

Black Bird (TV): Really good, and both leads are fantastic

Elvis (Movie): Reviews were pretty polarized, but I thoroughly enjoyed it…

Elvis Presley: The Searcher (Movie): …which of course sent me down an Elvis rabbit hole

The Bear (TV): Thank you, chefs

Candy (TV): Loved the whole vibe, looking forward to the other one now

Westworld (TV): This new season is so much better than last season

Crimes of The Future (Movie): Fascinating and creepy

Mind Over Murder (TV): A really interesting story, though I still can’t get over the fact that they pronounce it “BeATrice”

The Rehearsal (TV): Tremendous

Thor: Love and Thunder (Movie): Enjoyed it, but (like my wife) I’m kinda up for a bit of a Marvel break

The Anarchists (TV): Clown show

What We Do In The Shadows (TV): As always, a delight

Downton Abbey: A New Era (Movie): Good to see the gang back together, but nothing mindblowing

Only Murders In The Building (TV): It continues to be goofy and enjoyable

Mormon No More (TV): An interesting look at families adjusting to big life changes

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