Media Diary (December 2022)

I’ll definitely slide in some more year-end viewing in over the holidays, but here’s some stuff I’ve experienced lately (and not necessarily only new releases):

Avatar: The Way of Water (Movie): Generally compelling, but easily the most visually mindblowing thing I’ve ever seen in a theater

Welcome To Chippendales (TV): Fun all around

Glass Onion (Movie): Loved it, I hope he makes these forever

Wednesday (TV): She’s fantastic, and the whole vibe is solid

Amsterdam (Movie): Messy but interesting

Willow (TV): Not quite as good as I’d hoped, but still entertaining

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Movie): They did a great job with a terrible situation

God Forbid (Movie): Obviously right up my alley

Branson (TV): I somehow wasn’t aware of the crazy balloon ocean crossings

Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste (Movie): People never cease to surprise me

Mythic Quest (TV): Glad it’s back, though sadly without ol’ F. Murray

Aftersun (Movie): Made me sad (I guess in a “good” way?)

The Watcher (TV): Started strong, ended poorly

Bullet Train (Movie): Goofy and generally enjoyable (my son’s recommendation)

Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields (TV): Hadn’t been familiar with this tragic string of murders

Best Friends Eternally (Movie): My wife and cousins are starting to go deep on this guy’s “impressive” body of work…

Best Friends Recycled (Movie): …and a dedicated podcast may result from it, be warned!

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