Media Diary (April 2023)

Here’s some stuff I’ve experienced lately (and not necessarily only new releases):

Beef (TV): Absolutely tore through this

Beau is Afraid (Movie): Still processing, especially the attic scene

Succession Podcast (Uh, Podcast): Incredible guests!

Mrs. Davis (TV): Love the whole vibe

Tetris (Movie): A total blast, and was great to get more details on names I’d seen on the legendary splash screen

Dave (TV): I always forget about this show, then it hooks me again every season

Somebody Somewhere (TV): Glad to see it back and showcasing an often-overlooked slice of America

Jason Isbell: Running with Our Eyes Closed (Movie): Have always been a fan, and this was an incredible look into his world (and really just as much into his marriage with Amanda)

Love & Death (TV): Just started, will see how it compares to the other one

Barry (TV): Always a fan, curious to see how this bring things to a close

Air (Movie): Fun, and it’s still a mystery to me as to why I generally enjoy sports-adjacent movies and shows, but not watching sports themselves

Waco: The Aftermath (TV): Put a Waco show in front of me and I’m obviously not gonna ignore it, especially when Gerri from Succession is playing a cult leader in flashbacks

Schmigadoon! (TV): Love the era shift, curious what they’d do if renewed again

The Mandalorian (TV): It’s fine, but maybe time for a minor “how did we get here?” life evaluation, especially after the Jack Black/Lizzo/Christopher Lloyd episode

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