Media Diary (January 2018)

Some stuff I’ve enjoyed lately (as with last time, these are in no particular order, and not necessarily just recent stuff):

Atlanta Monster (Podcast): Granted I was a toddler at the time, but I’d somehow never heard about this fascinating case

The Post (Movie): All-around fantastic and important, and it even included a Mr. Show reunion

Waco (TV): So far, so good, especially since you know I’m not gonna pass up any cult-related offerings

Ogilala (Album): Nice album from my favorite Big Thunder Mountain Railroad passenger

Nothing But Trouble (Movie): I had dim memories of how super dark, weird and horrible this was, but re-watching it really brought the magic back

American History Tellers (Podcast): An interesting new series that starts with an extended Cold War arc

The Thin Blue Line (Movie): I’d somehow never watched this, and was really captivated (enough that I’m now going on a bit of an Errol Morris binge)

Hysteria (Album): One of my favorites growing up, and now available to stream thanks to Def Leppard working through some shenanigans

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction (TV): I mean, duh

Fire and Fury (Book): Again, duh

Zodiac (Movie): I’m fairly sure I’d seen this back in the day, but man is it fantastic

Texture (Magazines): Really enjoying this service for access to tons of magazines on tablet or phone, my favorites generally being Entertainment Weekly, Wired, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Time and Vanity Fair

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