Media Diary (February 2018)

As usual, here are some things I’ve enjoyed lately, in no particular order, and not necessarily only recent stuff:

Phantom Thread (Movie): Really enjoyed the pacing and general precision of the world he created

Masters of Scale (Podcast): Some truly amazing guests talking about their companies/origin stories

A.P. Bio (TV): Solid gold, basically just Dennis Reynolds letting loose on high school kids

Black Panther (Movie): Definitely up there as one of the best Marvel movies (maybe the best)

Patty Has a Gun (Podcast) and The Radical Story of Patty Hearst (TV): I wasn’t alive when this all went down, and it’s fascinating to hear the details

Wormwood (TV): Haven’t finished it yet, but an extremely interesting story

Bridge of Spies (Movie): Never saw this when it first came out, but thumbs up (I think this Spielberg guy might be one to watch)

Business Wars (Podcast): Interesting tales of great business rivalries throughout history (Netflix vs. Blockbuster, Nike vs. Adidas, etc.)

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (TV): So glad he’s finally back

The Fog of War (Movie): Part of my recent Errol Morris odyssey (see Wormwood above as well)

Baskets (TV): Years in, I continue to marvel at Louie Anderson’s performance

I, Tonya (Movie): Super energetic, and Allison Janney is amazing

Portlandia (TV): Still great as it enters its home stretch

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