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A while back I posted about my (then) social media setup. It’s been a bit, and the winds of change keep blowing, so here’s an update on where you can find me most of the time in 2020 (aside from subscribing for free to House of Kyle, of course ๐Ÿ˜˜)…

Twitter: Always and forever, my one true favorite.

Spotify: My playlist output has slowed a bit, but I enjoy it tremendously overall.

Instagram: It’s grown a little exhausting in terms of people falling into the same endless influencer-y content patterns, but (despite the ownership) it’s overall still interesting, and there are real gems from time to time.

TikTok: As an embarrassing old man, I haven’t yet posted any content, but I’ve loved watching young people make goofy, creative, uncomfortable and unexpected videos. I fully endorse a return to the weird Internet of my youth.

Medium: I cross-post a lot of my blog content here, and read a ton of great pieces from others every day.

Tumblr: I was pleasantly surprised to see Automattic come to the rescue, and have been having a great time using it for House of Kyle Jr.

Facebook: I continue to despise this garbage fire of a service, but I still want to view my wife’s infrequent posts, and am reluctant to cut ties with a handful of people that (frustratingly) don’t use anything else. I’ve basically settled into a pattern where I cross-post Instagram stories and leave other content pieces up for a day or so before wiping the slate clean again. Shudder.

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