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Since (with much fanfare) Quibi finally launched on Monday, I’ve spent some time exploring its catalog, and wrapping my head around the high-budget/short-form concept.

All in all I’m generally pretty into it, and I thought I’d share my top picks from the initial lineup, for those interesting in kicking the tires (note that I’m setting aside Murder House Flip and Dishmantled, which both have amazing concepts, but beyond the hilarious hooks aren’t generally show genres that do it for me):

7) Chrissy’s Court: Not sure I’ll watch every episode, but pretty entertaining

6) Memory Hole: Some solid gold from pop culture’s past

5) Flipped: Can’t beat the cast

4) Most Dangerous Game: It’s got Christoph Waltz, what else do you need to know?

3) You Ain’t Got These: A really interesting look at sneaker culture

2) 50 States of Fright: As a “Quibi Insider” for pre-ordering (no biggie, commoners), I got early access to this, and it’s legitimately creepy

1) When The Streetlights Go On: Pretty solid right out of the gate (and as someone at the youngest end of Gen X, I’m a complete sucker for the time period)

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