iPhone Ten

As someone that lives on a train, I use many, many iOS apps over the course of a given day. Here are ten particular favorites…

Spark: Using email without snoozing is like a night without stars (and this is my favorite from the current crop of snooze-friendly clients)

Fantastical: An elegant calendar for a more civilized age

Tweetbot: To avoid the garbage fire that is the official client

Firefox Focus: My go-to browser in an era that requires blocking everything and continually nuking from orbit

Reeder: (Sits up in my coffin to hold up an “I Heart RSS” sign)

Stoop: Diverting email newsletters to their own app has been a gamechanger

Streaks: Keeps me as close to sane as I get

Television Time: This is how I track all the shows I watch for my media diary posts…

TodoMovies: …along with this for movies

Opener: Gets me as close to changing “open this file type with this app” defaults as iOS will allow (without having to switch to Android like an animal)

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Kyle Ford

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