Big Tent Digital Revival

Earlier this year I went on a standard “get off my lawn” rant about a list of things that I’d love to see vanish from my life. That list remains entirely unchanged (and in fact has gotten worse), but I’ve decided to expand it, this time focused solely on digital behavior.

So grab my hand and follow me into the tent, brothers and sisters! Let’s step away from the sins that the connected world hath wrought, and bring back some old-fashioned digital awareness and values!

Can I get an amen for the following:

  • Joint social media accounts for couples are incredibly creepy
  • You won’t be arrested for failing to randomly put company and product names in all caps (I’m excited that you use a MAC computer to check your HOTMAIL account, but please take it down a peg)
  • Nostalgic posts about past accomplishments are endearing from time to time, but constant flashbacks are a sign that it’s time to do something new
  • If you can’t defend a position with something more substantial than a meme, err on the side of listening rather than engaging
  • If you see a “this service is making XYZ crazy policy change” message circulating around your friend group(s), take thirty seconds to research it before reflexively posting it
  • Stop sharing motivational messages using The Font (fun fact: every time it’s used, five angels fall from heaven)
  • Just as you (at least should) reach out to lawyers for legal advice, or doctors for medical evaluations, seek out actual journalists (vs. your social media friends) for your news
  • I mentioned this one in my earlier list, but it bears repeating: please stop treating your friends (or worse, members of your religious organization) as a juicy lead list for your multi-level-marketing sales efforts

Praise be!

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Kyle Ford

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