Back Under The Tent

Fear not, brothers and sisters! I know times are dark and hearts are hard, but the big tent is up again, so duck inside with me for a followup to our last digital awareness revival!

Hit me with a few more amens, if you’d be so kind:

  • Always restart your device before asking anyone for troubleshooting help

  • Just as you wouldn’t build your house on someone else’s land, don’t build your brand on someone’s else’s platform

  • Nothing says “bring on the phishing scams!” like using an ISP-provided email address

  • With very few exceptions (i.e. trying to blend in at an HOA meeting), your phone’s ring switch should never leave vibrate/silent

  • Using your work email account for personal correspondence gives off a real “Rodney Dangerfield at the country club” vibe

  • Obviously be cautious with the “Reply All” button, but also be aware enough to not clumsily remove important people from a thread by only replying directly (use your context clues!)

  • If you send out a “sorry, I need everyone’s information again, as I lost my phone!” message, stay where you are, since you’ve traveled back in time to 2002 and we’ll need to dispatch a recovery team

  • If someone sends you a Google Doc and you respond with your edits in a Word attachment, a) you’re a monster and b) you look legitimately great for an octogenarian

  • People that always want to “hop on the phone” instead of chatting online aren’t refreshing throwbacks to a simpler era, they’re just terrible at written communication, and are too lazy to improve

  • Don’t allow someone that watches sweaty men tackle each other for hours and hours each week judge you for having the time to create online content

Hallelujah, fellow believers!