‘Rona Recs

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During happier times, I did a few “what’s in my bag?”-style product recommendation posts, so I figured I’d continue the tradition, this time with an “items or services that I’ve found helpful during the age of Corona” focus:

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones: Got these based on a good Wirecutter review, and they’ve been a) great and b) essential in a house with five people and like 600 animals

Tushy Classic: Your butthole will be delighted

eero WiFi System: I’ve had this in place for a while, but it’s been extremely solid under heavy use across countless household devices

HelloFresh: We’ve used Blue Apron in the past as well (also good), but these kits have been invaluable during quarantine, and I’ve actually found myself semi-enjoying the act of cooking from time to time

PillPack: A huge help if you have recurring medication needs and want to avoid unnecessary pharmacy trips

Quibi: I posted some initial show picks a bit ago (with more to come in my upcoming April media diary), but I’ve definitely found these quick story bites worming their way into my daily routine

TikTok: I continue to be delighted by this whole scene, especially on the Corona meme front (shameless plug: sign up for my free newsletter to get my weekly TikTok favorites)

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